Pride and Provenance

Famous for it's fine roast beef for over 200 years, the Longhorn is now classed as a rarebreed. Over the past few years the long-standing quality of the fine grained, well marbled meat has seen a revival of interest in the Longhorn breed. Small herds are popping up right across the North of England.

Our Longhorn girls can be seen grazing in the luscious fields around Slaithwaite. Their meat creates our "Longhorn" Burgers made by our friends at Taste Tradition who are specialists in rare bread meats. The remainder of our menu consists of burgers made from our Limousin X herd and is made into burgers by Mettricks of Glossop. Mettricks pride themselves on their food to fork approach, ensuring they are able to answer any query about the provenance of all their meat. 

Our farm at Highfield has had a long-standing relationship with Charles Ashbridge at Taste Tradition supplying his company with beef, lamb and pork and helping him win numerous national industry awards over the years.